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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Georgia with grandkids!

It rained, all week.....I flew from sunny NW Arkansas .....

To my daughter's home in Georgia. So happy to get to visit them!


It was a great week with her children and husband....who is a super daddy! Laura was home when I first arrived but soon had to go to work in the Caribbean for her business website,


Here he is brushing the girls' hair as he does each morning!


See how four year old Nina holds her purse and as much as she can carry?

Here is another 4year old, her older sister Lilia, 12 years ago...purse, tutu and dolly!


This little one is now almost grown up! Lilia runs track, and works on the school newspaper. Here she is taking photos on a rainy Friday night!


One of her photos was used by the local city newspaper!

She was elected to the homecoming court by her junior classmates and also managed to go to a music festival that weekend! Busy life....oh, and she has a part time job too!





The other grandchildren were also busy every waking moment! [thank goodness the youngest two still take naps!] In a three story house, just keeping up with their locations was a challenge!!

Here I am trying to get Nina to show me her butterfly, which she does, but puts it in front of her face!

Nina has been studying shapes, triangles , octagons, etc. at preschool ... she says," A butterfly has seven sides!"


In the basement playroom, Nina jumps on her Playdoh (wearing her favorite outfit, a tutu and jewelry!) while Sophie swings and spins in what I call a "nest" swing! Rain rain, go away!

Nina loves her Playdoh!



The kids act a bit crazy...but not out of control....

Sophie loves her food! AND she loves her brother, Bindley!!!! Here they are clowning around with long balloons, which can be tied into animal shapes....again something their daddy did to entertain them!

After she has a glass of wine, Grandma decides that watching a movie at the dinner table is just fine!

Meanwhile, Mommy is travelling to the best resorts in the US Virgin Islands...and looking fabulous! (Getting a refreshing change of pace from the busy child centered home!)


....because the girls know that she travels, playing airplane (or train because of rapid transit MARTA which mom took to the airport) is a favorite activity! They line up chairs, and fill canvas bins as suitcases!
Nina makes everyone sign small papers, their tickets!


It was great!

I didn't try to do art work or handwork while I was there....but do have plans to do a painting based on this photo of Sophie!

Taken by her family this she was enchanted and in awe of the bubblesin a neighbor's garden!

I love those blues!


On my own trip home yesterday, I noticed that the "T" terminal in the Atlanta airport was home to some quilts! Yeah!

These are some of the Gees Bend quilts which have become world famous.....what a treat to see them!

If I didn't have that plane to catch, I could linger and enjoy them more!



We all have planes to catch!

[Now I will publish this blog post and head downstairs to work on my own quilts!!!]


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