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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Wedding photos finally come...the photographer captured SO many moments! lots of the scenes have the grandkids!

The wedding was in Savannah, GA in May. A beautiful outdoor "farm" venue!


Here we go....the dresses I made for the twins...flower girls...hanging with the bride's wedding dress!

Nina and the bride, looking at the wedding dress! (Nina already in her dress!)

Sweet bride, Hailee....she was so thoughtful of the little girls!

Lilia helps her little sisters get dressed!

And Nina sees the bride, Hailee, in the wedding gown!

Sophie shares some concerns with Hailee!

In the mirror! Beautiful!

Time for the ceremony...Lilia starts Sophie and Nina down the walkway...

Here they come!


One petal at a time...


Then join the bridesmaids for a close view of the wedding!

[I think Nina is loving her dress!]


Bindley was in the wedding with the groomsmen!

And one more little guy...not ours, must find out if he was the ring bearer?

Dancing afterwards...for a long memorable evening...

Son in law dancing with both of his twin daughters!

Hailee giving Nina some more attention!

Young Bindley dancing with the bride!


Nina wants her turn...and Sophie is fine dancing with herself all night!

Dark falls, Sophie is still dancing!

Bindley too!

Bindley even showing the groom some moves!


From these well done photos I almost feel like I was at the wedding! I think my grandkids had a wonderful time! Thank-you to Hailee and Sherry! It is so wonderful when your babysitter loves you enough to ask you to be in her wedding!


1 comment:

Sue in the Wood said...

Lila, what precious family photos! Your dresses are wonderful, too!

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