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Monday, July 13, 2015

Finally, I'm making progress on my sewing studio!

Not a major remodel or upgrade.....but getting a more organized system for my quilting and sewing projects!

This time the room itself is the project!

We bought more of the square "cubies" which make everything look good! In my case, I didn't want to hide the fabrics, my mind works best when I can see and be inspired by the colors and patterns!

This one was sitting on the floor, which I do not like...unless the bottom row were to have the matching baskets to hold the fabric...which would keep me from seeing it!

[This could get really neat and tidy if I folded each fabric around my 6" ruler then stacked them carefully....maybe later....]

I was able to find something to put this next shelf on, making it higher. Then topped it with my vintage aqua Singer sewing machine....charming!

A few hours later, I have now arranged and reaaranged that first cubie.....and found an old chest to put under it, lifting it about 22" from the floor! Yeah!

It now holds my self-portrait from when I was hand quilting. Next to it, my mother's metal coffee tin which has rick rack and trims that she saved. On the wall is a little blue sunbonnet she had made for me when I was little.

Things are looking better!


I still have lots of things I have to display....the sketchbook with a fun sketch I did several years ago from my mother's high school senior picture.....I notice it is mostly a black and white drawing and just below her are black and white fabrics. She loved prints in black and white!

This is only one wall....there is still a lot to rework and organize (donate?) furniture and fabrics in other areas of the room!

My desire to make clothing as well as quilts means I have even more fabrics to "stash"! And patterns!

This week I got excited again about that "granny chic" cotton house dress idea! I wrote about this earlier this year after finding "dottie angel" on the Internet. She has just come out with a pattern for her "frock", or that is Simplicity has just released it. Simplicity 1080. Selling out nationwide and being back ordered. Unusual!


The author of the Pleasant View Schoolhouse blog loves to sew....and has posted about her frock .....

I do love hers even more than the ones on the pattern! The gingham gives me an idea, as I have some of my maternal grandmother's aprons with cross stitched on gingham.....lovely work. I think I will use them along with some vintage looking florals.....


This should make a nice cool cotton dress for floating around the house and garden this summer!

Now to get that pattern when I goes on sale in a few days!

Looking one more time at my new happy space! [ there is a kitchen island from Target being used as my cutting table! Wonderful!]


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