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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A couple more Idaho memories!

Visiting the zoo and the carousel ....

Dining out in old downtown Boise, al fresco. They have great summer weather!

We had yummy tacos, and beer! The tacos were soft corn tortillas and came with great metal holders! I ordered some for us, as I like making fish tacos!

That's all from that trip, (I think). I am working on quilts,....

Taking painting classes...these quilting ladies I worked on today....still need fine tuning.

And these hens! They are so much fun to do....collage and acrylic paint!


I also fell in love with a piece of cotton,which my friend, quilter Paula Mariedaughter had purchased.

So, I ran and got enough for a cool cotton summer dress! It reminds me of Japanese indigo fabrics, so I chose a pattern that has a kimono look....

It is fun to wear too!

That's all now, off for a free woodwinds concert at the botanical gardens!


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