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Friday, May 29, 2015

Another rainy morning!

Gray skies,and a wet world! Our deck this morning, ( not complaining, as at least we are not flooded out like parts of Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas!)

I have been sewing this week....

Finished a blouse I started last summer....and found buttons from the 1940s in the drawer of buttons from my mom! Wore this to work yesterday!

Also finished this romantic, patriotic quilt,

thinking that I would take it to our guild's "airing of the quilts" at a home in Rogers. An annual event.

It rained before and after the event....and I am sorry to say, I was too low energy to go, even though the sun came out and even with my new quilt!

Summer is almost here, the quilt was my Memorial Day celebration! [We were having friends over, then found a plumbing problem AND my car refused to we cancelled that event. So, I was home sewing for several days with no car, as the new ignition parts had to be ordered.]


Summer is always time to realize how much the grandchildren are growing! Her my daughter's children on the beach at Tybee Island...

loving the sand, sea, sky and waves....

Being awed by the size of the water!

And watching a "big boat"!

Meanwhile in Idaho, this little guy is growing....

while his big brother is definitely enjoying the water too!'s still a bit nippy though! Mind over matter!

We can't wait to spend some time with these little guys soon!










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