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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Matcha again....a magic matcha custard cake---gluten free too

This is a cake sort of like the impossible pie idea. It makes 3 layers when baked. A soft crust on the bottom, a custard like middle layer and a foamy soufflé like top layer.

I found the recipe which I had to try...from Yummly via Little Accidents in the Kitchen blog. It was her photo, above which made me want to make this....but as I had been making greener mug cakes, I used a little more matcha maybe....3tsp.= 1 tbsp. is how I measured the matcha powder.


I used coconut and almond milk for the 2 cups of milk in the recipe. AND I used gluten free flour, part of which was almond flour and part coconut flour.

Real butter and good eggs....a little honey for part of the sugar which is called for.

Making it was not hard, the directions are good. One ends up with a butter, egg, flour and matcha batter in one bowl and and stiff egg whites in the other.

Then fold in the egg, I need larger bowls at this point...but I managed.


Then there was more batter than seemed right for the size pan she called for. So I baked a wee pan on the side rather than overfill my 8x11 pan. 45 minutes at 325 (I upped the degrees a tiny bit too..). And "Voila" was ready

This photo is after it cools and collapses down a bit like a soufflé ....I accidentally touched that one spot on the top...very soft and spongy.

It cut easily and came out of the pan nicely too. The cake is pleasant, vanilla and matcha green tea, not overly sweet!


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