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Monday, March 30, 2015

Yellow and gray, black and white and orange too....milkweed and daffodils!

It is still March, a month which always makes me love yellow! This crib quilt was strongly influenced by one I saw on Pinterest.....
It also picks up all the colors of our daffodils, right outside the door!
So, no wonder, with these colors and images in my subconscious, I fell in love with this Abstract Expressionist painting at Crystal Bridges this week!

"Milkweed" by Lee Krasner, 1955.


My friend Sandra met me there and we toured the "Van Gogh to Rothko" exhibit. Before we left, Sandra took my photo near the painting. The scale is larger than you might think!I look at this painting and at photos of milkweed (also known as butterfly weed because monarch butterflies hatch out on it and feed on it as caterpillars!)...... The seed pod stage of the plant definitely relates to the paintng!

[I think this caterpillar would blend into my quilt design very well!]


Lee Krasner was a woman artist, brilliant in her own right and a great mentor for her husband, Jackson Pollock.

An early self-portrait, 1929.
With her husband...


Another later self-portrait.


An abstract painting/collage by Krasner....similar to the one I saw.

There is a recent biography of Lee which has good reviews!


One more yellow image for this quote!



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