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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring break then and now! Making plans...

Years ago, my daughter's first spring break....we drove north of Little Rock to see the daffodils at Wye Mountain. These were planted years ago and have naturalized, spreading more every year! I did an earlier post about this in March of 2008.... In case you remember! LOL!

This year, she is far away and planning her own Spring Break trip with her 4 children, hubby and nanny!
No, they aren't coming here, but to Virginia to visit godparents! A good thing!


The warmer and longer spring days led Mr. P and me to make a trip to nearby Eureka Springs on Saturday....hope to have more photos (of daffodils and old barns) to post soon, but for now, I'll just show my choice of shoes for the day.
My red and purple Mary Janes! Ever the child at heart, I love these (and my red cowgirl boots too!)


Further plans for this week include a trip to a newly opened local tea shoppe! I hope to enlist some friends and maybe some of their grandchildren to come too...

I will try the matcha.....and perhaps bring some home, as I have been seeing recipes for coconut ice cream with matcha, gluten free mug cakes with matcha....!!!

 Matcha mug cake recipe is HERE! [Photo from A Calculated Whisk]

Matcha is finely ground green tea leaves from Japan. It has 10x the antioxidants of most tea!


W are trying something new in the laundry....instead of detergent.

This laundry ball goes inthe wash with the clothes....and supposedly make the water molecules so efficient that suds are no longer needed. My first load is in the dryer...have my fingers crossed!


I am now crocheting a striped blanket. I had all this yarn left from a granny square delight last year!

This is easier than all those granny squares! And no joining together to finish!

More needlework...
I recently picked up this "Lorna Doone" quilt ( from a kit using Kaffe Fassett fabrics,,,except for my own choice of border and binding!) from long arm quilter Sonja Koch.

Now I am sewing on the binding! A colorful batik which should wear well. (Not sure I really like batiks with patterns like much like tie-dye! but it works here!) Below, you can see the floral striped backing too.

Here is a photo of a kindred spirit....I just love this! Her life may be hard, but she escapes into beauty!
gotta love those chickens too!

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