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Sunday, March 15, 2015

A really fun week! Including dinners with Beth Moore's big brother, LOL!

Wow, this week got to be very fun, Inspite of a slow, cold rainy start! I spent at least one day early in the week, sewing and machine quilting several quilt tops. Probably stayed in my cozy pj's all day that day!

This one "Dutch Mills", I love for all the scrappy goodness! Binding it now!


Here (below) is a little red white and blue crib quilt. One block has the Razorback, another the state of Arkansas...dogs and farm animals, cars, airplanes, and sailboats.

I made it for a little boy coming into our lives from China. Here, I give it to his grandmother, Barbara.

...and we examine the back side which has a whimsical map of the world. He can see where he is from and where he is now!


Then the week changed pace! The tour for "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat" came to town.The conductor is Wayne Green, my junior high and high school classmate....always so smart and TALENTED!

He has had a very interesting career in musical theater!

Several classmates came into town and we had time to visit with Wayne.

Here after breakfast at Arsaga's on Friday.

Inside with the red glow from "Hugo's" restaurant's neon retro decor.... more classmates!We are glowing and happy to see each other (cell phone photo by my husband, Steve)He and Wayne really hit it off, and Steve invited Wayne to have dinner at our house before his Saturday evening performance. I made Tabriz meatballs ( ground lamb, spices and a dried prune in the center) with Basmati rice and yogurt. Sorry, it was a busy evening and I didn't get photos!Old year books were pulled out and memories poured over! A great visit!

Truly, the effort made by each classmate, to come if they could was such a blessing! It meant so much to Wayne!


By the way...Wayne's little sister is Beth Moore! Two gifted siblings, for sure!


Now, today the sun is out! It feels like SPRING!

I cleaned out my little garden surface, found strawberries and cilantro still alive, and sowed leaf lettuce!


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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh I love seeing you and so many of our classmates together! We have a lot of accomplished people in our class, don't we? I think I recognize everyone in the photos except for one. I'll have to put my thinking cap on! lol Love seeing your quilts too my friend. Enjoy your week! Wish I had been there for the fun! Sweet hugs, Diane

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