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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Great Moments with grandchildren....too many to recall...but ...

Starting with our last morning, and looking back through the week!

Beautiful teenage Lilia sleeping, I had to wake her so she could join us for breakfast!

Young Bindley in his Batman robe! Waiting for gluten free pancakes which his dad was making!

Steve playing with the three youngest! (Girls in nightgowns by me, pj bottoms are batman...also by this grandma!)

A lovely relaxed dinner on Christmas Day!

Opening gifts on Christmas morning with Nanny Donna too!

Santa brought a tent for the youngsters!

Children making Tasha Tudor's sugar cookies!

And decorating them with the neighbor children!

My sweet Nina...

And darling Sophie!


Laura, super-mom, gets a gingerbread house built!

And lest we forget the dramatic introduction, on this visit,to life with little ones, here is Sophie......and a tale of misadventure.....

A little while after our arrival, she was left unattended for a bit ( duh! I should have known!) ...she went into her teenage sister's room, got a jar of Mod Podge , applied some to the mouse and mouse pad...then carried it into the bathroom, settled herself onto the floor, poured out the rest of the jar and played in it with her hands....then she was tired, so she just lay down in it! Fortunately I found her just then and the tub and shower were right there for "easy"? clean-up!


So now we head home, and carry these memories with us! Sweet children at breakfast this morning....

Nina and her brother's phone, on which she plays games...

And Sophie, sorting her bacon from the pancake pieces!

One last group shot before we depart!



JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Lovely sweet memories. Gotta love the mod podge story - been there, done that, in just a bit different scenario - but still the results are the same - messy kid having fun - bathtub clean up time.

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Grandchildren are wonderful! Mod podge and all! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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