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Monday, May 05, 2014

A few moments from Georgia!

Here comes the sun, this morning. View from Laura's family room. 6:30 EST.

Reflection on deck windows is better than just through the camera lens!

Getting lighter. Green is showing.....

After breakfast...a bright sunny day!

We have had a good time!
A friend from Arkansas, Tracie, has just moved here and came over. Here Tracie and the girls are making the angel food cake mix with crushed pineapple (1 can with juice), cake!

Older sister Lilia, is mending her jean shorts ....Nina watches. [my little Kenmore 1040 came with me!]

I gave the girls a box of special crayons...

Nina found out that she could remove the papers...

Yesterday, girls were helping water the container plants.....Nina showed up at the back door...( my camera was charging so I sketched)...

More later when certain photos are forwarded to me.
Off to the Ikea store this morning!

1 comment:

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What fun - love the girls and the projects - especially that plant needing water. Lovely lovely views too.

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