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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Snow day crafting....thunder sleet storm

Not going anywhere today.....and even though I could deep clean another room.....

I have seen this .....and pasted it into my SMASH book.

The living room with so much white from Yvestown blog.  She writes from the Netherlands about crochet, among other things domestic!

So I have my bins of yarn and my crochet hooks....warm and cozy as long as the power is on! Ice storms can take down power lines!

Granny squares galore!

  If I get in the mood to paint.....(I guess that takes more focus than handwork....), I may do a painting using those fading tulips from last week's post!
I took a photo to refer to! [It IS time to transfer them into the ground....but the winter storm makes doing that a little hard today!]
My tulips...

Now , a wonderful tulip painting by artist Emily Patrick.   I love the loose, floppy, red, fully open tulips!


gma said...

So nice to stop in here on a Sunday morning. Good to see you being creative. I am so glad you still blog. FB is nice to keep up with folks but blogging still has my heart.

Lila Rostenberg said...

Thank-you Gemma! Blogging is more satisfying and uplifting, I think!

Janet said...

Doing some crochet on a cold, cloudy day is the best. I hope your power stays on. Those ice storms can be bad.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I hope your power stays on - I tried crocheting by candlelight last weekend - it didn't work at all.

Anonymous said...

Sandra Spotts Hamilton
Sandra Spotts Hamilton 8:59am Mar 4
Lila, the other day I caught up with your blog. I hadn't slowed down for a while to enjoy it. It made my day! I had been kind of down, and all of your creative ideas were a visual delight. It was like spending a day with you, as we did in the "old days". Thanks! Maybe sometime soon, when I come me up that way, we can spend some actual time together!

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