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Sunday, March 30, 2014

At last, a warmer weekend!

After Mass today, we stopped by a store with a garden area......and some new gardens dreams were begun!

I tied up my wild curly hair because of the wind....put on old clothes and got the newly purchased seeds and plants around to the garden!

In the tradition of a real amateur (lazy?) gardener, ....these seeds were simply sown on the top of containers from last summer, after I pulled out the dead, dried remains of last year's garden dreams!

We will just watch and see if anything interesting grows and flourishes from these seeds!

I especially like the pink flower seed mix, which says that pink garden flowers represent tranquility and romance! A good dream!

On the other hand, the velvet red variety of 5-foot tall sunflowers, should make a striking statement! If they come up and thrive!

This basil plant can't go in the ground for a few weeks....we still have lots of freezing nights!

I brought home an unusual petunia...Which has blossoms that seem to be painted by a watercolor artist! ....And lemon yellow snapdragons which can take a bit of cool weather, (I may have to bring the petunias In at night for a while...or cover them!)

I'm trying to get this bird bath leveled...after planting some of the yellow snapdragons around the feet! I love blue and yellow together! Those broken blue tiles give me stepping stones and keep the bird bath from sinking into the soil!

Strawberries might work....?......worth a try! This variety, "Tristan", has intense pink flowers! Nice ground cover even if I don't get fruit!

Sweet mint was planted today in this large crumbling pot. The bottom of the pot is now a backdrop for the mint! A green man planter looks on! Mint will be great in the cucumber, yogurt, red onion salad which I love!

I think that about covers the new beauties. Some old friends from years gone by have come back, once again, inspite of the really hard winter which we have had....

Periwinkle or vinca is in bloom!

These hyacinths are attracting many bees, already!

Three kinds of daffodils are nodding their heads and bouncing in the wind....blurry may photos result...


These succulent "hens and chicks" survived all winter under the deck without water. Once I brought them out, a few weeks ago, and gave them sunshine and water, they have been very happy. (A gift frommy friend Gayle!

The lavender and the lemon drop are back!


So, after all the work involved.....a garden is a nice place to sit in the sun!


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