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Sunday, February 23, 2014

February, Romance and Mr. P in the bedroom...not what you think!

February is always a romantic time...our wedding anniversary and Valentine's day are in the middle of the month. Today, my tulip bulbs are blooming beautifully!

Not as pretty as the tulips....but timely,....Mr. P bought us this appliance after watching numerous TV ads...we had an Oreck vacuum, but nothing like this...

It would not be romantic to say this SHARK vacuum is an anniversary gift.....41 years now! Though it did come about the day of our anniversary.

Time now, to re-energize the house, one room at a time! Deep clean....first the furniture comes out...up and down the hall it waits.....

I can't move the bed.

But the bed is great to pile other things on, temporarily.....(I think I should give most of this away....I have TOO MUCH!). I will keep the quilts of course!!! Artwork in the walls is mine...



This vacuum is powerful, it has attachments for blinds, ceiling fans, walls, baseboards. I set to work, amazed at how much dust we had been sleeping near! (Yes, you can see the dirt accumulate in the canister!) Before long, Mr. P was caught up in the project....

The ceiling fan.......and under the bed!

A good tool, that SHARK!


It even cleaned the louvered closet doors!

But, cleaning inside the closet....that will be another day, soon!

Now down to sew quilt blocks....!

Oh, and because inquiring minds want to see.....the same window sill which had the tulips, now supports the lucite dust cup....with what we vacuumed out of there!

Mr. P gets the job of emptying this into the outdoor trash bin!

How romantic is that?

[note: this shows how much can be missed with an inefficient vacuum, and just vacuuming what was exposed....getting all that furniture out and really cleaning was amazing!]

"The dust is Buddha too!" --- Gary Thorp in SWEEPING CHANGES


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Well that title sure got my attention. LOL A good cleaning always makes me feel so good (and a little self-righteous). That looks like a great vacuum - we're looking for a new one.

Lila Rostenberg said...

This is the SHARK rotator lift-away. We are very pleased with it! Highly recommend it!

Janet said...

Great title for this post! You had me thinking!

Thanks for telling about your new vacuum. HB does all the vacuuming around here and we could use a new one. I'll put this on our list to consider.

Sue in the Wood said...

And he vacuumed! Good man! Mine does, too, after 37 years!

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