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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Writing from the ER

Mr. P has a really inflamed eye, painful and disabling! So we are in the ER to get some help!
We are hoping for healing and relief so that we can drive to Georgia for Christmas! Please!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~meanwhile, I blog!~~~~~~~~~~~
I have been making some really fun ornaments using fabric scraps and stash fabrics and retro buttons from Mom's button jar.Somehow these remind me of holly!

The tutorial for these ornaments is here!


These little balls of fluff, in the photo above, are jackets from micro fleece for the twins. Super soft and cuddly! I used remnants from the fabric store where I work! They are size 3.

[We are home from the ER, Mr. P will soon be on the mend, so I am packing these jackets and other things for our visit to daughter Laura and her family for Christmas! Yeah!!!!!]

Now downstairs to sew a Spider-Man pillow for the grandson! Back with photo soon!

Here it is!

Super hero pillow! Ready for gifting!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I sure hope he feels good and heals quickly. I love the soft jackets you made and the pillow. Be sure and pack your new boots...or wear them! Merry Christmas!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wow - busy even in the ER - here they now call it ED - Emergency Department - and when I was in pain from monstrous sized kidney stones - and in the ER - oops - ED - the nurse said ED and I asked what that was - she explained it was because it wasn't just a room - but a whole wing of the hospital now - and in my drugged state I said - it sounds more like a George to me, than an Ed - she didn't even blink - maybe she's heard my original drug induced joke before. LOL

The jackets are darling - the super hero pillow perfect - have a grand time and I hope his eye heals quickly.

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