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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some memories of Christmas

In no particular order....

Nina and Sophie trying to find and reach candy canes on their tree! I remember their mother, my daughter doing the same!

Laura and the little ones having a tea party on the new table given to them by a friend.

A sweet tired Nina fell asleep at the dinner table....a memory which Mom is recording with her iPhone.

Sophie's delight and amazement on Christmas morning!

Christmas Eve ....grandson has just put out cookies for Santa and all stockings are hung!

Nina decorating those cookies!

Dusk on the lake behind their house.....Santa will come tonight!

Not my favorite photo of me, but I love Lilia's sparkle! [eyes not braces!]

A sleepy granddad taking Christmas morning photos!

Lilia showing her new ring!

My new ring....with black onyx and pearls.

Above, the night before....below, the morning after!

We are so blessed!

Monday, December 30, 2013

We celebrated the 5th day of Christmas ....


.... with a long drive from Jackson, TN to our home. Along the way, we found a really cute British Pub in Hardy, AR.


The owners, he is from Liverpool, in front of the fish and chips sign.....I had the fish and chips!!!! perfect!

We were served tea in the traditional " Brown Betty " tea pots.

as you can see below, I picked up a small one from their gift shop, for a friend!

Back later with a post about the family Christmas!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Writing from the ER

Mr. P has a really inflamed eye, painful and disabling! So we are in the ER to get some help!
We are hoping for healing and relief so that we can drive to Georgia for Christmas! Please!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~meanwhile, I blog!~~~~~~~~~~~
I have been making some really fun ornaments using fabric scraps and stash fabrics and retro buttons from Mom's button jar.Somehow these remind me of holly!

The tutorial for these ornaments is here!


These little balls of fluff, in the photo above, are jackets from micro fleece for the twins. Super soft and cuddly! I used remnants from the fabric store where I work! They are size 3.

[We are home from the ER, Mr. P will soon be on the mend, so I am packing these jackets and other things for our visit to daughter Laura and her family for Christmas! Yeah!!!!!]

Now downstairs to sew a Spider-Man pillow for the grandson! Back with photo soon!

Here it is!

Super hero pillow! Ready for gifting!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back to and sewing

Last night I made this pistachio fudge! So PRETTY, tastes great too!
I made one change in this recipe, I substituted a box of instant pistachio pudding mix for 1/2 cup of the powdered sugar. It made it even nuttier in taste!

*****************************************************************************I have finally photographed two little dresses I made for Nina Kate and Sophie Jane....Size 3!

Above a photo of Sophie Jane and Nina Kate in the dresses on Dec. 26, 2013!
More sewing for the twins....Today, I am sewing two little fleece jackets using remnants of micro fleece! One is dreamsicle orange, the other is twirly, fluffy rosettes of pink, white and yellow! Will come back with photos later!

Yes, I do layer my fabrics to cut two at a time! One of the little risky ways I can't resist! now to go and find my interfacing fabric.....

Monday, December 16, 2013

Went back and got those red boots today...

Saturday evening, we saw these boots at the new Country Outfitter retail store in a historic building here.

They stayed in my mind over the weekend, and I called about them this morning. Sure enough, they had my size in stock!

Not a full, tall, cowgirl boot, this one even has a zipper! Easy to get on! the Billie boot by Ariat.


I tried on a couple of pair. They fit me a full size smaller than I usually wear! comfortable! Good arch support, I love these!

....soft red with turquoise stitching.....and did I say they were on SALE?

Now here they pants and cowgirl boots! I guess they do go with anything! LOL!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas us coming....10 days to go!

We tried a new recipe for Pull-apart pepperoni breadUses pizza dough, so we used gluten free dough,
(Available from Bob's Red Mill).

Use your favorite marinara sauce for dipping. Bake with lots of cheese and pepperoni...I added Canadian bacon too!
My daughter has her beautiful tree up and shining!

I am working on some gifts. Fleece has been on sale so I have made some throws for family members!

A pink camouflage inspired throw for a sister in law who loves to hunt! And this throw with horses for a brother!

I attended a very sweet wedding yesterday in a town nearby.

The beautiful, happy bride! As she says, now, about herself, "Sadie, Sadie, married lady!"

I love her darling outfit, the beautiful flowers, and the wedding cake was red velvet with a white and black polka dot frosting! Might be inspiration for a painting soon!
Probably no painting until next year....we'll see!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Still snowed in!

Icicles and snowy backyard!

The east side yard...

7 inches with ice below...

I sewed this apron over the weekend....went to work ( Steve drove me) Saturday but they sent me home as there were no customers!

Tree is decorated! And I am ready to sew at the breakfast table today...why try to heat the downstairs studio?

My little Singer featherweight sewing machine will be just fine for this project! Making dresses for the twins...I have had the dresses cut out and ready to sew for a month now. It is good to have the time and space to finish them!

I'm also sewing some hooded bath towels for them, larger than those I made when they were infants!


also trying to trace down a large sum of money which the federal reserve seems to have taken from Mom's estate bank account... !!!!


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