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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The red geranium is inside now!

This deep red geranium struggled outside all summer and finally burst into bloom with our cooler, wetter fall weather! I brought it in last week just before a killing frost.

This Sunday was my grandson Bindley's 6th he is hanging out with a hammock a few days earlier!

Since I can't resist sewing things with British flags on them, I HAD to get some new jeans for him, cut a hole in them, and put in this fancy patch! Directions are on-line, but I have lost the link!

Found the link! (for the british flag patch)

Bindley's mother reports that he loves the jeans, but had one concern.....
He wanted her to cut off the "weeds"! Apparently he doesn't like ragged frayed edges no " rag" quilt for him! LOL!


I am reading "Elizabeth and Her German Garden". A very peaceful novel! it was written  by Elizabeth von Arnim who was also the author behind a movie which I love, "The Enchanted April".

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