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Friday, August 23, 2013

Wonderful Art Day!

Two friends and I dedicated a day to art play!

We learned grasaille....or gave it a try! Grasaiile ( griz-eye) starts with a value-only painting in darks, grays and lights.
We set up a small still life of pottery and fruit, worked quietly for an hour or so...

Glazes of color are added over the value tones.

We took a break to let some paint dry, and headed to a nearby art supply shop....

THE ART LOCATION , owned by Nadine Ripplemeyer! Lovely contemporary decor and wonderful art supplies....not to mention a large, airy teaching studio right there! We were enchanted!

Back to the day's painting.....we were able to finish up the grasaille exercise, some paintings were "happier" than others....but we all learned and relaxed! painting is a world of it's own!

Then to clean up the table revealing a red vinyl polka dot tablecloth! [Added earlier to catch those artistic paint drips and make easy clean-up!]

We like the table this way, so the cloth is staying!

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