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Friday, August 16, 2013

Helping a friend at St. Scholastica's monastery

My dear friend, Macrina asked me to help her re-do a couple of bulletin boards.

Here are the boards we started on this morning.
We made some plans and chose a new word, "Listen" for the smaller board.
"Listen and attend with the ear of your heart", is the opening of the Rule of St. Benedict. (St. Scholastica's brother)
We kept, "Welcome" for,the large board.The retreat center is a sturdy, large building. Here are some views of the Thomas Merton lounge and other areas.
Heart shaped rocks and turtle figure.
Thomas Merton....the lounge has lots of books and seating and large windows. The building is built of cinder block.
A corner of Macrina's office just off the Merton lounge.
Macrina in her office, below. The owl is "Sophia"!
I made at his little mug rug for Macrina a few months ago. The cup is from her "other" ( real) sister.
Macrina sometimes finds herself using this frog paperweight as if it were the "mouse" it sits right there waiting to be chosen!
Watercolor patchwork cross, a gift from a friend.
My immaculate room, clean and serene! Complete with private bath.
Tile and cinder block....remember those mushroom decals from the 1970's?
Art from my room....
Now, back to working on those bulletin boards....using fabric I brought from home and some that Macrina found in one of the many organized closets, we were able to make some changes!

They are finished and ready for informative notices, artwork, etc.

I had a great time, good food, strolls on the grounds, interesting conversation, attending vespers last night.

This morning, I slept in, until 7:00. The sisters are up at 5:00.... I went in to make my coffee and found a sticky note from Macrina of the coffee pot. [forgot to photograph it until later....after the coffee had been brewed and I stuck it back on in a different place!] it said, "Good Morning!". What a nice way to begin my day!
Taking my sheets off and finding clean sheets, I headed for the laundry chute! So efficient!

The St. Scholastica's retreat center is a wonderful place to visit for a private or directed group retreat. Check the webpage retreat schedule to plan your retreat!

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