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Friday, July 12, 2013


I bought a beautiful bouquet of local flowers (our natural foods store sells these!)......


Plop them in an antique enamel pitcher and try a painting.....using a huge brush and working wet into wet at stay loose. Then back I'm to sketch with an ink pen. All working on my kitchen counter....with the clutter.

Some days creativity is more important than tidyness!


However, I really WOULD like to have a light, simple, clean studio to work in. (My basement sewing room is too dark for art, and the back porch is too hot or too cold....and really not just MY space....)...Maybe i should get my own little airsteam trailer set up in the backyard....?????? A girl can dream, right?!!!!

I found this image in tumblr from midwestmanhattan.....she loved it first!

Looks like the good life to me!!!!

Now back to painting in the kitchen....really painting will come soon....when I have to repaint all the cabinets in here! Hmmm, chalk paint could be good for them too!

Speaking of chalk paint (thanks again Sally for telling me about it!),here is the armoire, all painted and waxed and ready to move in and fill with quilts! It was late afternoon sun, casting shadows ( of me too) on the piece....I'll go take a better morning photo now.....

The greenish color so good in this photo above. The morning photos below are greyed down....

Interior is painted with egg shell latex, exterior with that same paint made into chalk paint by adding calcium carbonate....exterior is waxed with two coats of furniture paste wax...

Before waxing, the exterior was lightly distressed using sandpaper!

I will post about it again when I move it in and stack quilts inside! Something like this!



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your painting is beautiful. I love a bouquet with lots of pretty colors. And you've done a great job on your new cabinet. It will be perfect for quilts! Enjoy the weekend! We're supposed to get rain, so maybe I'll have time for some creative projects! Hugs!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Looks really nice! I bought a little sample pot of Annie Sloan Chalk paint for $13.00!!! It is $45 for a quart! I've seen the recipes for homemade chalk paint on Pinterest--so I think I'll try it on a headboard I want to redo.

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