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Monday, July 01, 2013

That class reunion! We were tardy....

The setting and the weather were perfect! (Note the unidentified class member on the zip line!)

Our host and hostess, Donna and Stan! They live next door to this Christian youth camp, which is a lovely facility!


My friend Sally encouraged me to come, we drove down together!

Missed all the group photos as we were delayed on the interstate!

We did make the "Here is the microphone, tell us about yourself these days" activity!


Then it was time for our fabulous meal (fried catfish, etc)...a gift from an anonymous class member!

Some folks went on the zip line (after eating no less!), some of us just watched, others went down a big slide (kids at heart!) and some found the rockers on the front porch!


Our efficient and persistent volunteer photographer, Lynn, rounded up those of us who had missed the earlier group shot and we posed on the rock steps.....

Wonderful weather, wonderful people!

And especially wonderful Cheryl (wearing black in the center) and her "little sister" Lynn (in the chevron stripe) who took most of these photos! Thank-you!


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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Everyone looks so wonderful! It sure makes me miss you all! But I'm thrilled to see all of the photos and beautiful smiles. Growing up in our little town was the very best! Girlfriend hugs, Diane

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