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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

More progress

Last weekend my friend Sally told me a little about chalk paint. After listening to what she told me, it seemed like it was worth investigating, as I do need to repaint my kitchen cabinets in this 1970's house. [I had painted them about 18 years ago, in the 1990's and of course, an update is in order!]

Meanwhile, at a local thrift store, I spotted a TV armoire, very good condition....and thought it would make a great home either for some of my finished quilts, or for my best fabrics in the stash....leaving the bins of scraps in the open wire shelving.........but I left the armoire in the store...not sure. [ besides, Mr. P was along and he has no patience for this sort of dreaming!]

I started reading about chalk paint including this web post,....she tells a great story!

Monday morning ( yesterday) my sister came by early and as we sat in the cool back garden, drinking our coffee, I told her about the armoire. She drives a Chevy Astro van. "Let's go get it!", she said!
(That's where sisters and girlfriends are so much better than husbands....enthusiasm for shopping and for making changes!)
A few hours later my garage had these items...

A table and a small chair for my studio downstairs and the armoire!
We had also picked up Behr eggshell paint in a lovely hue, so I could start the project!

I did more research regarding homemade chalk paint recipes and found that several favored the calcium carbonate version. Though hard to find in a retail store, it is sometimes carried by health supplement stores.
Well, I needed some of my supplements anyway, and I love visiting with the owner of our local store, so off I went this morning....AND she did have it! Keeps it in stock just for making chalk paint! LOL!
Now, home and mixing it all up, just a little water with the powered calcium, to make it blend well.....
Dusting off the armoire, NOT sanding!!!! And it is time to paint....

Looking great so far....time to stop for today as it is too hot to keep painting and my friend, Gayle, is coming so we can go to lunch!
Updates to follow!


Back after a long afternoon, another coat of paint to the sides and beginning to paint the front!

This chalk painting could be addicting....will have to hunt for more things which NEED to be painted!


Paula Mariedaughter said...

What a find--and your transformation has just begun! Sounds like you and your sister had lots of fun. You will be able to stash lots of your quilts in style! Tell us about the delightful chair--it looks like it is in great shape as it is. And I love the textile used on the seat.

Lila Rostenberg said...

Almost finished now! The final step is two coats of furniture paste wax for a silky velvet feel to the chalk paint!
The little black chair was $10.00 at the thrift store and will be a good chair for an extra seat in mydownstairs sewing studio...the trick is not to use it as a shelf....keep the seat free for sitting!
I was going to change the seat fabric but the monkeys are kind of fun, even if they are old hat now!

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