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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Views from Oklahoma...some should be postcards!

Our daughter and oldest granddaughter riding horses with cousin Robert!

This area hasn't had enough rain for the last 3 years, so all cattle have been sold as there is no longer grass for grazing! Hard times due to weather...this is the former dust bowl!

Visiting the farm where I lived as a child, my daughter and some of her family get a real feel for the area!

A different farm where my mother grew up, now the house is abandoned....we were told to watch out for rattlesnakes! I see the lilac bush is a real surviver! It is leafing out on the end of the branches, trying to be pretty! We used to have tea parties under it when we visited Grandma!

Another view with the old windmill and ancient rusty truck!

On the drive home we saw even more dramatic western scenery!

Tomorrow the fun continues when my daughter and four grandchildren come here! Time to toddler proof the house! Yikes!


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