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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Seeing more of Clark county than we intended! Or divine intervention?

This photograph in our hotel room last night was perfect for the region we were visiting!

We (friend Sally and I ) had attended our high school reunion yesterday...a good time...maybe another blog post...

Today, we visited with good friend, Cheryl , her sister Lynn, and their mother...then being so close to my brother's place, we drove on down there and enjoyed their garden, chickens and some refreshments.



Remembering an iron and wood bridge nearby, I started our drive home that way. We stopped and enjoyed the bridge.

Sally walked across .....

I picked her up and we set off, pretty soon there was a FORK in the road...(I don't) remember any fork from years ago, and I stayed to the north bound road. Soon,we pass Shady Grove Baptist Church...just as they were getting out of church...hmmm...I didn't remember any such church on the road to Curtis.....but kept was definitely not a good feeling. Soon we were on an overpass, crossing the interstate, but with no way to get access to it! Time to turn back or what???

Retracing would take awhile!

Then we saw another small country church with a few cars there and people leaving. Time to ask for help!

This was Shiloh Baptist Church. I began getting directions from a young lady....another cute petite woman approached ...she studied me for a minute, then said, "Lila?". I did a double take! It was,another former classmate who still lives in,the area! Carolyn! Her son Jeremy Bell is the pastor of this little church!

Carolyn, Sally and I had just missed seeing each other the day before at the reunion --- as we were a bit late arriving, and she had needed to leave earlier!

So hugs were exchanged all 'round and we found out that she was heading to the interstate and points north! Then, all we had to do was to follow her for six miles or so, through rural, winding, piney woods back to the entrance ramp and we were finally homeward bound!



gma said...

Sounds like old home week. You took the fork in the road that you were supposed to so you could see Carolyn. No coincidence. :-)
thinking of you often dear Lila...
with love

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How amazing to meet Carolyn on the way home...or on the 'way'! Sounds like you had a good time! Can't wait to see photos of the reunion. I wonder if they will be on our alumni page? I'll log on and see. Enjoy your evening! Your 'old' friend, Diane

Anonymous said...

Wonderful coincidence - sometimes a wrong turn gives us lovely surprises. Whenever we start out on our day trips Don always says - I wonder what will surprise us today? - and something special always does.

This comment is from Jo ann....I accidentally deleted it with my fat fingers on the iPad....but found a copy to put here! (lila)

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