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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Seeing more of Clark county than we intended! Or divine intervention?

This photograph in our hotel room last night was perfect for the region we were visiting!

We (friend Sally and I ) had attended our high school reunion yesterday...a good time...maybe another blog post...

Today, we visited with good friend, Cheryl , her sister Lynn, and their mother...then being so close to my brother's place, we drove on down there and enjoyed their garden, chickens and some refreshments.



Remembering an iron and wood bridge nearby, I started our drive home that way. We stopped and enjoyed the bridge.

Sally walked across .....

I picked her up and we set off, pretty soon there was a FORK in the road...(I don't) remember any fork from years ago, and I stayed to the north bound road. Soon,we pass Shady Grove Baptist Church...just as they were getting out of church...hmmm...I didn't remember any such church on the road to Curtis.....but kept was definitely not a good feeling. Soon we were on an overpass, crossing the interstate, but with no way to get access to it! Time to turn back or what???

Retracing would take awhile!

Then we saw another small country church with a few cars there and people leaving. Time to ask for help!

This was Shiloh Baptist Church. I began getting directions from a young lady....another cute petite woman approached ...she studied me for a minute, then said, "Lila?". I did a double take! It was,another former classmate who still lives in,the area! Carolyn! Her son Jeremy Bell is the pastor of this little church!

Carolyn, Sally and I had just missed seeing each other the day before at the reunion --- as we were a bit late arriving, and she had needed to leave earlier!

So hugs were exchanged all 'round and we found out that she was heading to the interstate and points north! Then, all we had to do was to follow her for six miles or so, through rural, winding, piney woods back to the entrance ramp and we were finally homeward bound!


Friday, June 28, 2013

In the garden this morning...what can I paint?

I'm all set...but not very comfortable, juggling all this in my lap! (Maybe I need a plain air easel or table top?)

Looking around to chose a subject...for a small watercolor art journal sketch....everything seems to busy, complex, too many little leaves.....


So I finally decide to paint my lap....and now I have! There is room for a little journal entry on the white page of the notebook in this sketch!


Now to pack and get ready for our class reunion tomorrow!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Duh, why didn't I think of this sooner!?! Household tip!

what is the name of the plastic thing which keeps commercial salad dressing from pouring out too fast?

By searching for "salad dressing bottle parts", I found it!

It is called an "orifice reducer" ! They are a standard size...and easy to remove from the bottle you are about to recycle...(I use the tip of a knife to pop it out)!

Easy to transfer to the other brand of dressing which didn't come with one......just waiting to pour out and drown your salad in too much dressing!

Now that I know this, I could even be inspired to make my own dressing.....much healthier! We'll see.....



Thinking of "orifice reducers".....wish sometimes there was one to apply to a certain person who pours out TOO MANY WORDS......hmmmm, I didn't say that, did I ?


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Loving lace!!!

I love lace for everyday wear....with jeans for instance....

It started last summer when I searched and searched for cotton lace yardage! Finally I found and ordered how to use it!????

Here are some inspiring photos....

some of these require lace with a bit of stretch....I found some, mostly cotton in fiber content Jo Ann's bridal department!

Can hardly wait to use this!

Meanwhile, my aunt and I both ordered this wonderful lace cardigan from ACORN TV catalog.

We ordered a large...but guess what????? They ran small!!!! So by opening the underarm and adding more lace (!) I am altering these into even more wonderful cardigans!!!

Now to leave this iPad and organize that sewing room so that I can enjoy exploring more lacy ideas!



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Busy babies!

Out on my daughter's deck this morning. Still chasing these two!

Tomorrow, I fly home to my world!
Looking forward to seeing Arkansas again!

My hydrangea never looked so pink and wonderful....At home, I have more garden to enjoy and a studio to clean and organize!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Birthday girls!

Today is the twin's birthday---they are two years old!

Their older sister and her friends are making tissue Pom- poms to decorate for the party!

Here are the girls trying on their birthday dresses a few days ago. Photos of them always moving...because they are never still! Running down the hall!




One more.....this of Nina eating yogurt....a facial, secret of her beautiful skin!!!!


Friday, June 14, 2013

The Toddlers are here!

Never a dull moment if these two are awake!

Bringing joy and chaos to our home! Sophie is in constant motion, so the high chair helps! Nina is all girl,see those beads?!

Nina also loves make-up! She found my pink lipstick ....but wouldn't hold a pose so that I could get a clear photo of her pink chin!

My tea set was spotted quickly by Nina Kate who loves to play tea party.....she kept pointing and asking for my "teahot"......I love it but I had to say "No" for this visit!

Holding one of them for a few moments, here is Mr. P, with Nina on his lap...briefly!

More to come....


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Views from Oklahoma...some should be postcards!

Our daughter and oldest granddaughter riding horses with cousin Robert!

This area hasn't had enough rain for the last 3 years, so all cattle have been sold as there is no longer grass for grazing! Hard times due to weather...this is the former dust bowl!

Visiting the farm where I lived as a child, my daughter and some of her family get a real feel for the area!

A different farm where my mother grew up, now the house is abandoned....we were told to watch out for rattlesnakes! I see the lilac bush is a real surviver! It is leafing out on the end of the branches, trying to be pretty! We used to have tea parties under it when we visited Grandma!

Another view with the old windmill and ancient rusty truck!

On the drive home we saw even more dramatic western scenery!

Tomorrow the fun continues when my daughter and four grandchildren come here! Time to toddler proof the house! Yikes!


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Family Reunion Fun!

Greetings from Oklahoma!!!

Most of these photos were taken by my nephew yesterday! we are in the most northwest corner of the Oklahoma panhandle, Lake Etling in Black Mesa State Park...


I did take this photo of my Aunt Ruby and Uncle Don making homemade ice cream before the picnic!


Bringing homemade vanilla ice cream to family events is a real tradition here!

Now for the photos. This area has had a drought for several years, but the night before the picnic a nice rain fell and filled the lake and the stream here overflowed it's banks, creating lots of wonderful mud by the time our grandkids began to explore!

Here two, 5-year-old cousins are having some wonderful times, as little boys have for centuries!


Even grown up boys revert to their wild ways son-in-law jumping from the cliffs.....

Yes, he survived! Which is good as he has a family depending on him!


As the hours passed, the energy got even wilder.....and my grandson (with help) covered himself with the gray volcanic mud.....a true transformation! Thank goodness there were showers available nearby and clean-up was possible!

I'll add more photos as they become available!


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