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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This week's projects

Working on several meaningful and timely projects makes this a fun time of year....(forget the gardening for now!)

Still struggling with new technology....trying to load the photos I want!
so be it....the quilt above is made from cotton fabrics including some saved from my mother's shirts and blouses.  A comforting way to remember her! I still need to quilt machine I think.

The little pink polka dot dresses are almost finished and will be birthday dresses for the twin granddaughters who will be two years old on June 18!

The cotton sweater below is great for summer. I began it to use up the 7 spools of blue indigo dyed yarn which was left over from another sweater. This one has a boat neck and 3/4 sleeves. One half of a sleeve to go...then washing and blocking. It has been "spoken for" by my daughter, Laura.  Hope it fits....we will soon see!

One more sweater, this one the Effortless Cardigan (you can find it on Ravelry), knitted this winter,and modeled by my daughter, Laura. Laura was her around the first of May....and we actually had snowflakes that day! This cardigan is now hers as it fit and she loved it!

Off to my wee job the fabric store!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dealing with loss

Seen through the picture window of my brother's farmhouse early yesterday morning.
                            The cattle were already finding their breakfast of soft grasses --- you can see them in the distance there.      
Later as the day heated up, they found shade under the trees.  My sister-in-law gave me a great tour of the place, riding in their Kubota.  It was a beautiful morning!

        I have been visiting family and working out the legal details and practical decisions involved in the  passing of  our mother.  Quite a few hoops to jump through now!  It is so good to have a wonderful, if eccentric, family to share this with!


Here is my mother in a photo with my daughter's children. It was taken Mothers Day of 2012.
I am so glad that we made the trip!

                       It is a memory we will always cherish!

         The photo really shows how a year makes a difference! The children have grown and flourished and Mom has passed to an even better place!

  Here are the "babies" today! ( well this month, anyway!)

        Sophie and Nina are in for a big adventure, going to Clayton, NM for a Thaxton family reunion....maybe they will need some little pink cowgirl boots????
  Can't wait to see them!  [and all my family!]

Where are my radishes?

These I painted a couple so years those pinky reds!

Now, I am trying to grow some.  Radish seeds are large seeds and usually sprout quickly, giving early spring gardeners a positive bit of encouragement!

So far, mine are not up, though they have had a couple of weeks of both cool and warm weather and plenty of rain too......I did see a squirrel creeping along the row where they are planted,  he was pausing and seemed to be nibbling on something?  I  am wondering.....?

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