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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cornish Frock is knitted and washed!

Washed, folded and ready to wear this spring!

I first wrote about this project here .

At that time, it was the first day of autumn in 2011.  Now as spring nears in 2013, I have finished the knitting!
It feels so good to have done this one! Much of it was in the last month while visiting Mom in rehab.
Yesterday , I stitched the pieces together, without blocking for once, measured and photographed the garment. See the first photo.  It was medium blue (as were my bamboo needles from all this indigo!) and 29 inches long.

Into the washer (with a regular dark load) it went.....and then the dryer.  What suspense! I went out to visit Mom and then made our dinner while it was in the dryer. (Steve was home, I didn't leave the dryer going  unsupervised!)

Ta-da!  It came out as it should, about 10 %  shorter all over.  I didn't measure the width....but it fits me quite nicely now....even if it also shrank horizontally....mostly though, it was a lengthwise shrink.
These garments traditionally have shortish sleeves, as the men at sea didn't need long armed sweaters weighting them down in their work!

It will continue to fade like denim jeans....and I don't plan anymore hot water washings....just to be will have cold baths. No more shrinking, we hope!
Thanks to Jane Gottelier  and the knitters of Cornwall traditions for a great pattern!

Another knitter's story. about knitting his Cornish frock....good information!


Sue in the Wood said...

Well done, you!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

That is simply lovely. I was in suspense about the washing - glad it came out like it should.

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