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Sunday, February 03, 2013

I often wonder why I keep dreaming up more "work" and sewing. 
Well, I think it centers me!  Seeing the projects coming out of my studio gives me some kind of satisfaction! So I agree, sometimes a girl's just gotta sew!*
I also know, that making things for my friends and family is one way I stay in touch and the empty nest is less empty....(actually it is  quite "stuffed" with projects in various stages! LOL!)
The little graphic above has a heart theme, and relates to making Valentines for friends.....( oh, and don't we love her green chair?...1930's -1950's in feel!)
After reading about mug rugs on the Internet, you head to the sewing studio...and pull out scraps f fabric and batting! When you cut and collage and quilt, time flies.....even if your back gets stiff.....

And finally, you have created 9 mug rugs...
Some have words, of encouragement, quotes, and many have hearts.....but not all...

Here is a favorite indigo mug on my (yes, I made one for me too!) Japanese inspired mug rug.....and yes, the dust has gotten ahead of me while I was off sewing...ah well!...

These little quilts make a great way to enjoy your beverage and snack!

* While I was sewing these, I got a call from my 13 year old granddaughter as she was using the sewing machine I bought for her and trying to sew some curtains for her bedroom.  She had a struggle, but stuck with it and now they are hanging on her window seat! I am so proud of her!

1 comment:

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh those mug rugs are darling - so wonderful of you to make them for friends. And what a happy day when your granddaughter sews things. It's the beginning of a life of fun for her.

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