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Monday, January 28, 2013

Stitching and Stretching

This is the quilt I sewed on yesterday. It is for a challenge from our guild, for the upcoming quilt show.  We were to use the theme of a holiday (any from around the world) and the "churn dash" block.
Mine is based on a cherry blossom festival, with some pomegranates thrown in.  Birds, and blossoms, trees and fruit.
 Making it was fun, I will have to come up with a good explanation of my "holiday"! It also remains to be quilted, perhaps with a final border first....or not.....

Now the "counter pose" for all those hours sitting at a sewing machine, leaning forward, is to stretch the other way....
This is the "bow pose" (as in bow and arrow) which is a perfect release.....though other shoulder and back stretches could work too!  [Yes, that is me in the photo above.  I am lucky to still be this flexible, so off to yoga class today to maintain my range of motion!]

Friday, January 25, 2013

Windows 8 and Grandmother's Window quilt

This morning, I am working with the newly installed Windows 8 on this computer.
I think I will like it.....but of course there is a learning curve!

All the photos we had on Windows 7 seem to have evaporated [very bad!...or a clean start?]

So, I do have a "window" photo to share, tee of the few I have at the moment on this new program (just now saved to this computer by emailing it over from my iPad....oh, what a complex web this is becoming!)...

Ta dah!
 The quilt is called, Through Grandmother's Window.
We  have been enjoying it the last week on our bed, but now I need to add a hanging sleeve so that it can go into our guild's quilt show soon!
And here is another photo.....of a blanket and soccer ball [pattern from Anna Maria Horner's book, "SEAMS TO ME"] made and sent to my grandson, Wesley.
And since I am having fun....and Blogger is finally uploading photos for me, here is one more!
It is a page from my art journal last week, a bouquet of orange tulips and a blue striped mug (I just  love those stripes!)

All is not lost....good ingredients come through!

Saving the pizza whose crust was too thick for our taste.....
In spite of not being pleased with the way I had made the margarita pizzas in the last post,  I decided to try making the extra pizza into paninis!

These worked great (we use our George Foreman grill rather than by an extra appliance for making sandwiches!)!
For more about gluten free living, "like" Red Mountain Chiropractic  (in Boise Idaho) on Facebook.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Still trying and learning....gluten free

Using Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix....for the first time.

the mix  is pretty wonderful....but I wasn't sure enough with it to make a thin crust.
This is rustic pizza....with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and fresh Roma tomatoes. Ready for the is baked directly on the oven rack....not on the metal pan.

Coming out of the oven with a pizza peel.

It was pretty good....the crust could have been thinner, as in Udi's frozen gluten free pizza crusts.

I will probably choose the frozen ones for future pizza, but think that Bob's Red mill mix could make wonderful cinnamon rolls and other gluten free yeast breads....maybe even be used for the dough in the Gooey butter cake recipe about which I just posted!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Philadelphia style German Butter Cake

I wanted to make some comfort food....and had been reading about Gooey Butter Cake from St. Louis and the southern US......which uses a yellow cake mix and an eggy cream cheese topping....
But I remembered reading about an older recipe, with a yeast base from German bakeries in Philadelphia.
That is the one I set out to make, gluten free!  This recipe was easy enough to modify and I even cut it in half...[since one could easily be induced to overeat on this treat! Having less of it to start with seemed wise!]
Above you see the two batters, first the bottom cake batter which has yeast and sits and rises for an hour before being spread in the pan.  Without gluten [I used King Arthur gluten free flour],  the batter didn't rise much or build up any elasticity.....

The topping batter is then put on top, in little "plops".  Then into the preheated oven.

It cooked beautifully and smelled divine! Out it came.....the top crunchy and fragile as expected.....

Here is the first piece.  Yummy....even if all of the liquid butter and egg topping sort of descended down into the yeast dough rather than staying  up on top to make more of a "gooey" pudding effect.
It tastes like a very buttery pound cake....and is great with fruit.

Perhaps if the gluten free flour I was using had contained Xanthan gum, it might have seemed more like a traditional yeast dough.....

Friday, January 11, 2013

What I wanted to post on the one before this....

Is it me? or is it this computer? or is it Blogger/Goggle?

Whatever is going on here, it is so hard to work with! Getting a photo uploaded takes so much time and several efforts....[and Blogger still gets it wrong, this photo of my painting is supposed to be larger and in the center. Those are the buttons which I marked when the photo loader finally opened...]
Here is the painting from yesterday....(perhaps titled,"Can You Find the Banana?", LOL!)   I don't like everything about it, but it is time to stop with the paint brushes before it is overworked.....on to another painting now or maybe on over to Typepad for a free trial blog to see if they are more user friendly!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Working through it....

This is today's painting.....I wasn't very happy with I kept messing around and added some redviolet washes.  Still not what it should be, but at least I was painting!

I'm posting them here so that hopefully I can compare them....seeing them on a computer screen is a good way to get insight!

One thing I do know, I am very tired of trying to literally paint what is in front of me.  It is just a starting point....the question is starting point to where?...
Oh well, tomorrow is another day....and hopefully another painting!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

PAINTING once more...

This is a photo which came to me in an e-mail today. It was taken while I was at a watercolor retreat in October. [With Richard Stephens of Hot Springs, AR]. I'm doing 2 paintings at a time, the "window and bushes" one from a photo of an abandoned house, and the vase of flowers from my imagination....

Seeing myself in the photo, happily painting, inspired me to set up some still life things and paint today!

I had bought some pink tulips yesterday to brighten our gray days now.....

and some red pears....just because I do love them and love to paint them!

This is only a quick sketch of a probable was so much fun to realize the the quick stroke of a brush could add a stem instantly and make the shape into a PEAR!

In also joined Lesley Riley's inspiration for artists program for this year....called "52 pick-up".  Hopefully money well I can be connected to the art world a bit and get weekly e-mail nudges from Lesley!

Now off to run some errands, and then I will watch a DVD of a demonstration by British watercolor artist, Shirley Trevena.
The DVD was a Christmas gift and it is time to enjoy it!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Just knitted a fun hat!

While spending hours with Mom in the hospital and rehab, I had time to knit! 
The project was a hat called the Betwixt Hat! I found the pattern and the yarn at Hand Held, our local yarn shop. The young designer actually works there!

 It was a little challenging but I loved the yarn,..... it was fitting it onto the double pointed needles (they were very full for a while) that was a challenge.

She has planned it for magic loop knitting but I had to use double pointed, as doing magic loop is not in my skill set yet!

Here is her hat!

Looking very cute on the designer as her own model!

Here is my hat in the same yarn, different colorway.  Great buttons,.... AND needing a really cute model....I'm thinking of someone who lives in a fairly cold climate.....

Yes, Mary, this hat will be coming your way! Soft and lovely, alpaca yarn!

Home from rehab!

Above, Mom is now home from her doctor's appointment this morning, reading today's paper and wearing a knitted hat against the cold outside!
These lilies from Laura are still blooming!... now that she is home they are in her room here.

I recently found this very old photo.  It shows Mom as a child, about 1930, before the dust bowl in Eva, Oklahoma.
She is wearing a new green velvet hat and standing in front of a bush with yellow roses. She told me those colors when she looked at the photo.  She can't remeber the dress, so I can really play with the color there!.

I have made plans to use this photo as inspiration for a painting. As soon as I have quiet time to sketch and plan and paint!

For now, I am thankful to have her home here.....and doing better!

Nothing but problems here with Blogger!

I have photos and artwork to share, but the gadget which lets me access my Windows photo albums (in other words, everything I put on this computer to use in the blog) has gone missing.  I have checked back.  I have made sure that I have "Upgraded to the New Blogger"......still no photos to use!

So,  I am more frustrated than ever.....and if I continue blogging, it may be with another server. Blogging used to be so easy and fun!

I must find a photo to  use.....I think I can use anything which is already in the blog.....we will see!.....

This did work, a collage posted a couple of years ago..... but how do I get new photos to use as I journal through the days of this new year???

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