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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A struggle but fun!

I've been painting with watercolor,
struggling to stay loose, have a good composition (always hard for me) and trying to capture the beautiful blooms of the amaryllis!

 The beautiful colors of the paints and how they "flow" with water makes doing this very delightful for me.  Before beginning this painting, on 140 lb. cold-pressed paper, I used a white parafin candle to make marks on the white paper....nothing I could see with the naked eye, but this is a "resist" which will not take the paint.
So, as I paint, these strokes emerge to add an element of their own to my work.
Looking at the painting above, I could see I had done it again,  placed two objects barely touching...."the kiss of death" to a good composition.   SO, I have now added some more green blades coming up infront of the turquoise pot.  making the amaryllis come forward in the painting. ....I'm getting there!

It helps to see these together on the computer screen, more needed adjustments may be seen then (now?).


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I don't know the rules of painting or composition, but I do know that I like what you paint, whether it follows rules or not. This painting is lovely and captures the amarillas wonderfully.

lila said...

thank-you so much, JoAnn!

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