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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend in the country

A quick sketch....watercolor....

We have just returned from a visit to my brother and SIL in Clark County, AR.
Very peaceful and enjoyable....and did I say, "HOT"?  (Of course it is hot here at home, too!LOL!)

This black angus bull, "Baby", is a family favorite....almost a pet! ( he is eating his breakfast out of a "feeder"...part of an old tractor tire)

A hanging pot of transcancia adds color near the chicken pen...

A rooster, whose days are numbered, (and the hens will rejoice) struts and crows.

[I brought home several dozen VERY fresh eggs! Now to find recipes which use lots of eggs!]

With the help of hoses and sprinklers, the flowers are thriving and delighting us!

Bird houses are in abundance.....

this one is now the home of a opportunistic tree frog!

Inside the kitchen,  on the counter, are these unusual fruits .....paw-paws!  These came from a creek on the farm.

I forgot to taste!  Hope I have another opportunity!

An old-fashioned deep pink climbing rose at the front of the house.

The view when looking up from floating in the salt water swimming pool. So peaceful!
After the swim, its back inside for some really cold watermelon!  This really beats the heat!

One of my current "icons'' (below) old lawn chairs...these will inspire more fantasy garden paintings to come!


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

A lovely visit - great photographs.

lila said...

I think I should have made the post with larger photos. I was using another camera and emailing photos to this computer..

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