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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What a difference....part one

Just over a year ago, we lost the ancient elm tree in our front yard! It was a sad event for us, but looking back I can see it was a signal of changes which are on-going....

We planted a maple in the fall (actually planted by workers from the garden center, of course!)......and left it at that.


Meanwhile, our family was growing in numbers, very exciting......and the older grandchildren now live in world of "baby things"!  Here, 4 year old Bindley sits with a pile of little sisters' laundry (that is lots of ruffled bloomers made by me!)

Twelve year old Lilia is the perfect big sister/babysitter for the 3 younger ones!  [Bindley above and Sophie in her arms then Sophie and Nina, below!]

Mom and I were fortunate in being able to visit this family for Mother's Day!

...which left Mr. P at home,  working on his "opus"....our front yard.

To be continued with more enlarging family [our son's first baby] and the transformation of the yard....

1 comment:

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Changes are often fun - and always interesting. Darling family!

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