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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Clearing out

We  are busy these days....warm weather is here and before it is too hot, we have things to do!
Mr. P has a new pole saw (chain saw on a pole) and is attacking our overgrown trees.  The pole saw worked easier on the TV he ended up being on the ladder with a convenational chain saw (not something I like to see!). Once the limb was partially cut, the saw became stuck and I had to swing and pull on the branch (which was now falling down within my reach) in order to free his saw.
He says we will do another limb tonight.  Of course I can hardly wait! (NOT).

I am more the indoor creative type and am now packing up these little ruffled bloomers to take to the twins as they begin to "toddle".  I've listed my sewing and knitting projects with the idea that I could focus and finish and perhaps direct my energy to other things???

[For example-- our dryer has quit heating.  so I am researching to see what part is needed....and watching videos of how to install these parts....and using drying racks for the wet laundry in the meantime.]

1 comment:

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

OH dear - ladders and chain saws - I can see your worries about that.

Those little ruffles are so darling - and I bet pictures of them toddling about with their ruffled behinders will be so cute.

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