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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Another kind of project!

After paying $80.00 to a call out an appliance repair person and having him give and estimate of $391.00 to repair this 1993 dryer, I checked YOUtube videos on how to repair the problem and install the $15.00 part. ($22.00 with shipping).

The part came qucikly and when I came home from work one evening, Mr. P had watched the video and had the dryer open.  We worked together for a while.......
Then, after Mr. P couldn’t take it anymore, I got down and finished the installation of the part. Now to put the dryer back together, [help Mr. P!]  plug it in and see if it works.....tee-hee!

Mr. P did take these re-posed photos for me this morning as he was rushing off to work....very arty with my face blurred, I think. He says it is an action shot!

One great tool was the “right angle’ screw driver....enabling us to reach the part with screws without taking out the tumbler itself!

Update---we did get the dryer back together and it worked!  Today I celebrate with several loads of laundry while packing for a visit to Georgia!


Shopgirl said...

You are my hero...I could not even think about repairing anything like this...You go girl!!! Hugs, mary

Paula Mariedaughter said...

Congratulations on a job well done! It sounds like you did your homework in figuring this out and not throwing your money away! Having the right tool does make it easier. Don't forget to oil your sewing machine to keep it in good running order.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Hurray for fixing something that takes so little time and money - compared to what the repair people charge. And hurray for youtube and hurray for you!

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