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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It isn't even mid April yet my garden looks like it usually does in early May!

I took these today and it is cool and the 50's.

These peonies were open fully in the sunshine yesterday!

Hosta's are looking lush....and a trillium is emerging here too!

Yesterday, beautiful and sunny in the low 70's, I got the gardening urge....(could be those steroids I had to take for my sinus infection...but I had SO much energy!) and worked on my little outside garden bed, sowing seeds for lettuce and planting annuals, salvia, alyssum, zinnias, a dahlia, much fun! I know I will love watching these grow! [That is cilantro which survivied our brief winter and is wonderful now!]

Here is some lantana and some small bell flower ((like a mini petunia) nesting in the pot, a bright splash of red, is the latest broken coffee cup!

Finally, two tomatoes in the half whiskey barrel, an heirloom "Mortgage Lifter" and a hybrid "Early Girl". I will add a few marigolds and call it "good"!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We are in NC for a couple of weeks and we've seen frost a couple of mornings! The weather was warmer last month, I think! Happy Spring!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh lovely - we are still surrounded with rain rain rain and chilly weather - I could use a nice warm bath right about now to take the chill off. Yet the trees are leafing out,the flowering trees are glorious even in the rain. Our irises are not showing flower stalks yet. Yours are gorgeous.

Bettyann said...

so lovely..can feel the warmth of the day from here...we had a wet and cool winter...the tyme survived...did clean-up in my mini townhouse yard and sat in the glorious sun for an hour...thank you for visiting..

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