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Monday, January 30, 2012

It has been a beautiful sunshine filled weekend here in Northwest Arkansas!

Our window sill has a glass with a paperwhite narcissus (which broke off the main plant) and below, the sun shines through the large leaves of a "beefsteak" begonia.

Inspite of the sunshine, it was still chilly outside so I headed to my sewing/ art studio.

Mr. P came along with his camera and snapped this picture of me with the antique sewing machine. I am piecing a version of the "Fonthill Quilt" from Kaffe Fassett's "Passionate Patchwork" book. This quilt has several hundred small half-square triangles and so can be very scrappy, which I love. The floral print surrounding the patchwork sort of ties it all together and gives an overall effect of being softer and greener!

I still have lots more to add to the quilt, sawtooth and pinwheel stripped borders will make it grow!
Meanwhile, using that same antique sewing machine and some hand quilting (on the gold circles) I have finished my pink and red "Sakiori" quilt. (below) is the indigo again! This time from the cover of a Japanese sewing magazine.....

that wrap dress looks so comfortable!

I just finished my "boro bag" inspired by the cover of a book on Japanese tote bags....(Google that and you can find the original book, in Japanese). I love using this my current purse!

One more work in progress...the American flag pillow requested by Mr.P. My version uses white and indigo ikat weave for the backkground.....and dk red grosgrain ribbons for the stripes. I will use a glue stick before stitching them down! [pillow is about 13x18, as was my British flag pillow].

It's going to be warmer today, (where is our winter?) and I really will try to get out for a walk....


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Oh everything is so lovely - and what fabulous weather!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love seeing photos of you! How pretty you look in your studio! The bag you made is beautiful, too! I carry a bag in my car filled with all the things I, etc. Then when I shop, I just carry a wristlet. Works great! ♥

lila said...

Thanks, Diane for the sweet thought and also the idea of the wristlet!

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