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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It all started back in the spring of last year when I saw these
kits for these little pin cushions.

The idea stayed in my mind, I visited Google images several times and saw pillows from Shabby pastels and florals, still the British flag was recognizable!
Months later, I finally got started, inspired by the wonderful ribbons available where I work!
These pillows were the result! [I made some for giveaway, as the fabric and ribbons were in good supply].

Yesterday, I came across this photo in a magazine decorating article....

Apparently, this is a trend! Seeing this article, Mr. P announced that he wants an AMERICAN FLAG pillow. So today I tried Google images to find inspiration for making and American Flag pillow (I had made several a few years ago....but wanted new ideas.)

I found a lovely website of a kindred spirit, Natalie,"Hideaway Girl"! She had made an American flag pillow (very patchworky and clever) and there, also, in her sidebar was this.....

Natalie had made it last February and in July she had made the American cousin....

Now, I wonder, would Mr. P accept the floral fabrics in Natalie's flag pillow (below) were I to do something similar...???

Perhaps I need to make mine more "Stripey" and "Starry"???? I'll update you as this evolves.


Meanwhile, I did read a good book.....about a grieving young minister and his congregation. It was worth reading.

1 comment:

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

You must be a trendsetter! Lovely pictures.

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