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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A 4-month-old cutie pie who lives in a cold climate......

...even though his grandmother prefers natural fibers, she just had to sew some fleece for him...sleep sacks!

[Fleece hoodie coming up for his little cousin soon and some pink fleece came home with me yesterday....for baby girl jackets, or something!]

This is a quilt which I pin basted yesterday.....lots of red and pink for the gray days of winter...and a piece of whimsical bird fabric as part of the backing! Now ready for machine and hand quilting....

When I get time for more meditative "sitting", I often knit a row or two on my
"Cornish Frock".....knitted in cotton indigo which is designed to shrink and to fade, just as blue jeans do.


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Oh what a cutie pie! Isn't it the greatest fun to sew for the little ones?

Love the new quilt too - happy stitching.

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

The Cornish frock is quite lovely and I'd love to see more of it. But that baby - ADORBS! As my college kid says! Happy Winter!

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