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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The dangers of surfing the web [I was researching Alexander McCall Smith] are that you will find treasures, which in turn you must seek...LOL!

I had no idea that there was a cookbook "out there" the original hardcover of this one is very rare and is listed at $350.00-$500.00! .... but the paperback is available for about $ sure you order from the correct side of the pond though, or you could be in for some shipping costs!

He also has some children's books....

These quiet, cloudy late autumn days are perfect for some reading! I am enjoying this McCall Smith novel, # 8 in a series set in Edinburgh, Scotland.
...and if I had an "e-reader" I would be getting this one too! I love spending time with these characters and this setting!


A "Grandma" post--

Here is a video of our 3 month old grandson, giggling with his mom!

Mary & Andrew's Baby News: Wes and his kicking giggles. Nothing better than ...: Wes and his kicking giggles. Nothing better than a happy baby. Even better when you get some giggles. Here is a recent video to enjoy. W...

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