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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blogging in the SLOW zone!

Today, I have tried to upload a photo.....took a shower while waiting for it to finish uploading... (and no, it was not a large digital photo). It still hadn't finished when I came back just now.

So, how do I show you ruffled diaper covers (like you really want to see them even thought they are CUTE! LOL!), all the latest projects from my sewing room, photos of my grandbabies, my art work.... and recipes, etc.?
Our "new" computer has been nothing but a headache. DH ("Bless his heart" and mine too!) has worked for hours, removing and re-installing data and software programs. This is not progress!

I was perfectly happy with my old computer....and may try to set it up again. I miss posting and visiting your blogs. [If things don't improve, I will have to go back to doing my art journal scrapbooks which I was faithful to before I was blogging!]
Now, off to read some blogs and then to yoga class.....and to my part time job.
Hope you all have a good day, free from technical difficulties!


Later...I WAS able to upload the photo (lots of pink, bibs, sleep sacks, fleece stroller blankets) of my latest sewing for the twins just now. Good!

One last piece of trivia....for those of us who are always reading British novels and watching the BBC.... here is an article explaining the origin of the expletive "Bloody" which has always puzzled me. (note the article was from 1914!)

"Bloody" is a centuries old corruption of the oath "By our Lady!". Makes sense!

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