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Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall color??

I took up my camera hoping to capture some of it ( the colors of autumn!) but first wanted a more current seasonal photo of myself. This was as good as it got. [Just try photographing yourself in a mirror and you will see....especially if the camera (or the one taking the photo) is a little "off" !LOL!]

I really like the "JUST BREATHE" quilt in earthy colors which is behind me! It is one of my favorites! I have made it at least 2 times!

One reason for taking this photo....I have been trying to get another "tossed collage" of my digital photos to use as a header on this blog. I can make the collage on Picassa, but can find no way to save and publish it....(it was SO easy the last time it did it!...ever since we changed to this newer computer, I have struggled....BTW I read many more blog posts than I can now comment on....sometimes, the comments just don't "take"!)

I know that I need to be better with the camera and the computer!

Next, I took the camera outside to find color. We are about at "peek" for our fall color this week. I took a photo of our yellow maple beginning to turn....and then the battery was dead in the camera....!!!

So, that is enough photographic frustration for today I'll just get out my paints and apply all the colors I want!.....meanwhile and full of color.....

You can read more about this rural knitter and her designs here . The colors in yarns and fabrics are a little easier to capture today than the colors of autumn!

And thinking of color, I can't overlook my purple Mary Janes with the red straps and indigo knitted socks......yes, I did manage to get these in my size! Some of us never grow up!



Noah said...

Hello, I'm new to blogging and stumbled upon your site while viewing another. Such beautiful work you do. I am finding out that there are more talented artists in this world than I'll ever meet...haaa please visit my blog at: thanks, noah

Janet said...

Lila, you look so pretty standing in front of that quilt. I can relate to your frustrations over the header. I go through similar problems every time I change mine.

LOVE the shoes!!

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

I have tried the photo in the mirror thing and mostly just scared myself - yours turned out so great.

Love the shoes - I want a pair of flowered Mary Janes that my friend has - well, in a bigger size because her feet are tiny - but I still want some.

I make the collage and then open it in my photo editing program - crop what I want to keep - it took me several tries to get what I wanted in the size I wanted - and then add text. I had to make the collage in the middle of the space and then crop off the top and bottom of empty space - can't wait to see what you come up with.

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