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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a fun class! My little shrine art quilt is finished!

It just found its home surrounding a small incense burner in my studio (trying to get out the musty smells from all the rain, AND wanting the smell of the yoga studio I go to!).

One more art quilt lesson left, then I will be "on my own" and really missing the teacher, Jane LaFazio!


Gloria said...

What a great shrine. Love it!

Janet said...

The art quilt shrine is beautiful! And I understand about wanting that certain smell....every time I enter a candle shop or a metaphysical shop I just want to package the aroma and take it home. There's something so soothing about certain smells.

Julie said...

This is wonderful. Whoever thought you could make a quilt shrine.

gemma said...

LOVE this!!!

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