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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am so happy! My trillium has returned again this spring! Here it is in the hostas at the base of a statue of St. Francis! You see, I thought it had been accidentally destroyed early last summer by an "over-zealous" weeder who shall remain nameless!

To me, this is my own little "Easter lily" this year!


I think that it's the little things, the little moments that make our lives authentic! So, I was recently delighted to be able to attend a lecture at our local library. The speaker was escorted in with bagpipes and wearing a kilt! He is one of my favorite writers, Alexander McCall Smith! His topic was "The Very Small Things of Life" which he writes about beautifully in his several detective series. His characters are known for sitting and having peaceful discussions over cups of tea (bush tea in the "#1 Ladies Detective Agency" series, set in Botswana), and though he says his publishers have sometimes suggested it, his books will NOT be having car chases or other such escapades. McCall Smith is a world respected expert on medical ethics and he was in our university town as a speaker for the law school on that subject. He was truly delightful and funny! If you haven't read any of his books, give them a try!


In my small world, I have recently enjoyed making a hand carded linoleum block stamp for a little bird....who knows what adventures she will come across in my collages and art quilts!?!


Another small delight didn't start out that way!---It started with my yearly physical exam. Not delightful but necessary. Requiring the shedding of my clothes and donning a loose fitting garment. Afterward, having dressed, gone down the elevator, across the parking lot and driving home, I realized I was wearing only one of my favorite small gold hoop earrings. Oh, no! So I called the Dr.'s office and they checked the dressing room. Yes, they had an earring! I drove back up there. No, it was a different earring...oh well. Walking back out to my car, I remembered that as I had walked out a few hours earlier something had brushed my hand. I had looked around then and decided that it was a pine straw blown down by the wind. Now, remembering that, I decided to look down at the pavement as I crossed to the car. As soon as I cast my I eyes down, I saw the shining golden earring! The lost was found, and undamaged! Persevering paid off! **********************************************************************

Lastly, the delight of finding just the thing you had been wishing for.... I love floaty cool skirts for summer weather. [and I have a bit of an "inner hippie!"]

Yesterday when our houseguests took us out to breakfast in our funky college town, the bakery we chose was next to a little boutique. Hanging in front, spinning in the breeze was a great skirt.....

of course I came back for it later and am enjoying many things about it...light, colorful recycled silk patchwork. Goes with everything!

New patchwork skirt can be found here.

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