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Friday, March 11, 2011

In search of a bring some spring flowers in to our world.

It is wamer and windy today....the daffodils are nodding in the breeze.

These are at the house next door. As much as I am tempted, no one is living there, but I will not pick any!

Our daffodils are not as advanced....but there is still the promise of things to come!

Meanwhile, I DO have a million flowers in our back yard! I call them "Quaker Ladies". They are tiny and blue. Very quiet but lovely. [I think the neighbors treat their lawns with chemicals and don't have this little early spring flower.]

They really are too small for a bouquet, so, I wander across the yard and find the periwinkles are opening! I picked a few. The little glass candle holder will make a great vase for their tiny short stems!


Coming in from the March winds, I will be working on my mixed media collage class.

These are freezer paper stencils which will be used soon....

and this is a background, acrylic paint on gessoed canvas. You can see more of this on my collage blog.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh the joys of not treating your lawn with chemicals - such pretty little blue flowers. Our daffodils are just beginning to peek above the ground - won't be long now.

gemma said...

Hi Lila
I puttered around here and in your collage blog.It's always nice to have fresh flowers. Those little ones make such a sweet bouquet.
Your collages/backgrounds look nice. Spring break for me this week so working on ATC's and a shrine Also cooking, cleaning, working in the yard.

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