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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Today, on the church calendar, is the feast of Epiphany. Also called "little Christmas". It is the 12th day of Christmas! Tomorrow, I will pack away all the decorations. But today gives me one last chance to enjoy some favorites!


This new year brings new journaling pages. I know of 2 free art journaling classes on line, both just starting!
Strathmore is offering a Visual Journaling workshop. Lesson one, we photocopy some of our own art work and use it for a journal! Just getting warmed up here! [ I find I journal less now that I am blogging! LOL!]

The Sketchbook Challenge is sponsored by a number of mixed media artists. The first prompt for it is "Highly Prized". Here is my cut and paste page.....

Some of it is rather trite or tongue in cheek.....not necessarily the most prized things in one's life! However, the timing for this prompt was good! I have just learned that I AM A WINNER....I was chosen by the pink transfer ware giveaway (see a mid-December post with the link) to receive tea cup "C".
The teacups would have delighted Tasha Tudor, one of my all time favorite inspiring women!

I find that I love a cup of tea in the cold winter is Tasha having a tea party!

Here is the cup which will be arriving at my front door soon! I wish you could all come and have tea with me and Tasha!!!!


Piecefulafternoon said...

I love the journal page - and the tea cup. How lucky of you to win. I have many Tasha Tudor books and enjoy them over and over. I think I'll get out a pretty cup and have a cup and tea and look at a book.

gemma said...

You were already a winner!
This just verifies that! Love it!

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