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Friday, January 28, 2011

Photos of large daffodil bulbs taken on a sunny backporch!!!

[NOTE:The beautiful blue pottery plate belongs to my mother and was made for her by my brother!]

We are having our warmest day for a long time! It will be 60 degrees F this afternoon! I plan two outdoor activities, a walk in a nearby park with a friend and a last minute daffodil planting!
These are called "Main Program" daffodils and if the bulbs (which are all double!)are any indication, the flowers should be quite large and showy (which their name indicates too!). I was unable to locate images of them through my usual "Google" search, so spring will bring some wonderful surprises. Let me know if you have grown this variety or know of it!


Before planting the last double bulb, I did a sketchbook journal page!
"OOOps! the daffodil is "Main Program" not "Main Performance"!


Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

What a lovely plate and lovely memories it carries for you. I can see this as a companion for the daffodil blooms when you get a painting. Glad you're enjoying the warmer weather!

Piecefulafternoon said...

I have some daffodil bulbs to get in the ground soon - you have inspired me.

Rowan said...

You have a talented brother, the blue plate is lovely. I don't know the variety of the daffodils but surprises in the garden are always nice - you'll have to post photos when they eventually flower. I envy you your balmy 60F - we aren't even making it to 50F at the moment and nights are down to 25F.

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