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Monday, January 31, 2011

(this says Jan. 31, because I uploaded the first photo yesterday!)

February arrives here in a gray day with a PINK lining....
Remember the giveaway at Rookery Ramblings back in December ?.....

Pink luster ware teacups were being given away by Tasha Tudor's family!
I was the winner of teacup "C". Wow!
While waiting for it to come, I read about pink luster ware and found these lovely plates coming up in an the UK. [perhaps I need to start a collection??? or just a collection of images????]
I am posting them here to show you more pink!!!

I love the color pink on gray days this time of year! Pink is my color for February! It gives me energy and hope that spring will come again!
The pinks here on these plates are made with hand-painted brush strokes which are wonderfully varied in color and intensity!

I have written before about my admiration for artist/illustrator and wise woman, Tasha Tudor......

so, yesterday when the postman brought a box to the door, I was delighted!

My teacup had arrived, along with a letter from Tasha Tudor and family!

The cup has no handle, I love that. It must be from the 1800's....made in England??? are some more views...

Truly a treasure! Highly prized! Lucky me!

What is your favorite color for this month? What do you highly prize??? ...being in the pink of health?? ;-)

This watercolor of a shelf of pink lusterware teacups comes from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook", page I will definitely have to do a watercolor!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Photos of large daffodil bulbs taken on a sunny backporch!!!

[NOTE:The beautiful blue pottery plate belongs to my mother and was made for her by my brother!]

We are having our warmest day for a long time! It will be 60 degrees F this afternoon! I plan two outdoor activities, a walk in a nearby park with a friend and a last minute daffodil planting!
These are called "Main Program" daffodils and if the bulbs (which are all double!)are any indication, the flowers should be quite large and showy (which their name indicates too!). I was unable to locate images of them through my usual "Google" search, so spring will bring some wonderful surprises. Let me know if you have grown this variety or know of it!


Before planting the last double bulb, I did a sketchbook journal page!
"OOOps! the daffodil is "Main Program" not "Main Performance"!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good company!

Still struggling with a new computer, without my photoshop at the moment....endless it presents us with "blue screens" and shutdown notices.

So, I will continue trying to get my bird paintings posted, in the mean time I am reading short stories from this wonderful book, "Birds of America" by Lorrie Moore! The stories are quirky but overall joyful in celebrating life! Great company for winter afternoons!

NOTE: got the photos up here! Now off to yoga!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Creative projects for cold winter days.....

Painting birds and tulips and enjoying the sunshine! [this may be for sale on ETSY soon...or should I start saving paintings for a gallery show???]
A fast and fun baby girl quilt....the ruffle being the hardest part. I WILL finish it soon!!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Simple Pleasures for January......

Working on a small indigo art quilt. It features hand-dyed fabric (from, indigo bits and pieces, primitive embroidery stitches, and a ceramic button. Soon it will be finished....[click the photo for larger image].

A small begonia cutting given to me by my friend, Paula, has been thriving. I found a slightly larger pot for it and this lovely copper container...which picks up the color under the leaves!

A pot of rosemary was brought in from the garden....the pot (which I really like!) was beginnning to crack.....solution (maybe temporary but good) was to bind it with a bit of copper wire from Mr. P's workshop....

More simplicity in the copper and indigo blue vein.....a pottery bowl made by my brother, Chris now holds two large glass ornaments, a gift from friend, Tracie!
What are your simple pleasures for this week???

Monday, January 10, 2011

A wonderful slightly snowy and cloudy day!!

I have moved my Singer featherweight sewing machine to the kitchen table, to sew a crib is inspired by this one (below) from "Piece'O Cake" designs! A FREE PDF file is here !

I have just strip-pieced a background (below) to use behind some bright pink appliqued "wheel" flowers on this Baby Girl Crib Quilt! I will try to use fabrics for the flowers which repeat the deep pink in the zinnias which you see in that one stripe! I may also add a border to frame this "field" and help contain the flowers!


Decorating news!

Amazingly, this antique machine is now considered a decorator item. You can order these old machines...each one of a kind, and when you place an order, they choose your machine! From Pottery Barn!


Another sewing project. Recycled demin shopping bags!

Inspired by Islander Sewing Systems "green denim" pattern. These are made from thrift store blue jeans and decorated with my cheerful little indigo bird logo!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Today, on the church calendar, is the feast of Epiphany. Also called "little Christmas". It is the 12th day of Christmas! Tomorrow, I will pack away all the decorations. But today gives me one last chance to enjoy some favorites!


This new year brings new journaling pages. I know of 2 free art journaling classes on line, both just starting!
Strathmore is offering a Visual Journaling workshop. Lesson one, we photocopy some of our own art work and use it for a journal! Just getting warmed up here! [ I find I journal less now that I am blogging! LOL!]

The Sketchbook Challenge is sponsored by a number of mixed media artists. The first prompt for it is "Highly Prized". Here is my cut and paste page.....

Some of it is rather trite or tongue in cheek.....not necessarily the most prized things in one's life! However, the timing for this prompt was good! I have just learned that I AM A WINNER....I was chosen by the pink transfer ware giveaway (see a mid-December post with the link) to receive tea cup "C".
The teacups would have delighted Tasha Tudor, one of my all time favorite inspiring women!

I find that I love a cup of tea in the cold winter is Tasha having a tea party!

Here is the cup which will be arriving at my front door soon! I wish you could all come and have tea with me and Tasha!!!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

One of my traditions has been to start a new quilt at the New Year. This year, feeling like I have more than enough bed-sized quilts, I have decided to try some small art quilts.

This one, is called "Indigo Reflections". It features hand-dyed and hand painted fabrics including some batik from Bali. I will post it again when I have made more progress!


The current issue of Quilting Arts magazine features an article by Sue Benner which tells how to make a small reverse applique art quilt.

After reading it, I had to try!

I think I like the 4" blocks just like they are now and will machine quilt them to a background using gold metallic thread and free motion. I will post that when it is done, also!

One project I have finished is my new sweater! The pattern is from Sweater Babe's website. It uses size 11 needles and thick it really knits up quickly! I am enjoying it, like being wrapped in a soft cloud rather than a stiff coat!

[oops, I got my foot in the photo! also wearing a knitted sock....LOL!]

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