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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Being busy getting ready for our children and their spouses and families, makes this a really fun time! So, I am behind on blogging visiting blogs!

Above is the new wreath I created for our front door. I love the lime greens with the turquoise door. (Please ignore the bit of orange tag peeking out. It is no longer there!LOL!)Inside the house, we have been busy sewing pj's (flannel of course!) and knitting sweaters and mittens. Some socks have been started too! [My compulsive, creative "busyness"...nothing "centers" me as well as working on a project!]

Outdoor lights are glowing every night and the Christmas tree is set up. Presents for the little ones are wrapped and the anticipation of having family come is mounting! My daughter is adding to her lovely family, and we have learned that, "Surprise, surprise!!!! It is twins!!!!"

[Yeah! More projects ahead! I will be making quilts and knitting baby things as soon as the holidays pass. We don't know more than that they are fraternal, if I make 4 quilts, 2 "qirly" and 2 for "macho" babies, I will literally have the bases covered....yes and a couple for gifts to others, too.]


I had big plans to bake lots of Christmas cookies....found wonderful recipes. But I kept having second thoughts. Then, at a yoga class the word of the day was "transformation". A big word with lots of deep, significant meaning....but it begins with making small changes. So I am trying to choose healthier ways to celebrate. Warm cups of herb tea with local honey are wonderful in this COLD SNAP! ( hasn't been above freezing for several days!) Almonds are a good snack to munch!

Also, we have a new (to us) computer. I don't yet know how to make it use my digital photos from the "old" camera. So I am "photo challenged" in writing these blogs. [I may scan some things, but we will see.]

In the midst of all this happiness and planning, I received a wonderful e-mail from my good friend, fellow artist and quilter, Paula, who lives nearby on an Ozark mountaintop. [ In a solar home.] Paula has a wonderful new digital camera and sent me photos of her seasonal decorations. I love what she has done and have her permission to share them with you!

Using mirrors, the space seems larger and the tree and ornaments are reflected, showing both sides! I love her blue ornaments and the touches of nature, so appropriate for a gardener's tree. It is perfect for the winter solstice!

Using another mirror (below), objects on the mantle seem twice as amazing! Paula's palette of white, silver, soft blue and green remind us that this is a season of gentle peace and quiet when the natural world "goes to sleep" for a time ( note the clock!).


Thinking of Christmas treats again, our pastor makes a wonderful dessert from his native country, Brazil. It is a custard with caramel sauce. It uses sweetened condensed milk, very popular in Latin countries. His version has some citrus, coconut and 5 I have been studying recipes on the Internet. I think I can find a recipe and make one for Christmas Eve....and yes, it is gluten-free!

[Photo from opensource]


Paula Mariedaughter said...

Glad you wanted to share photos from my house--did you notice the quilted ducks tucked into the limbs of the tree. Paula

P.S. The tree is one a friend discarded a couple years ago allowing me to recycle its tall narrow profile to fit our small house. Most of the ornaments are thrift shop finds.

Janet said...

I love your wreath! Such pretty colors. And your friend's house looks fantastic.

Twins!!!! Now that's exciting!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Very pretty wreath - sounds like your plans are coming together - such exciting times.

Ohhh - twins, what fun! We are expecting a new grandbaby in June - I must start making quilts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lila,
I so enjoyed this post!
Wow ~ twins!! That is wonderful!
Love your wreath and the color of your door.
Thanks for sharing photos of your friends home ~ very pretty.
I haven't done much cookie baking other than what I made to send to packages. I always want to drink peppermint tea this time of year.
Everyone seems to be getting a new computer, including me, after my trusty one died. I am having "fun" learning my way around with this one!

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