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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Having a colandar of small green tomatoes from that "lasagna" garden has led to researching and finding a relish recipe which my mother always made.
She is very excited to be making it again this year now that she lives with us! We have just returned from the store with all the other ingredients which the recipe calls for.
Now to get out the food processor and begin.
Mr. P loves hot dog relish....
We canned 6 and 1/2 pints! In a couple of weeks, we can have our first taste!


Janet said...

All the veggies look so pretty sitting in the sunlight from the window. That would make a pretty painting!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That sounds good! I used to make salsa with lots of tomatoes and every kind of pepper from the garden! Nothing else as good as home made! We're back in Florida for the winter! I've been updating photos on my blog! What fun! lol ♥ Enjoy your day! ♥

gemma said...

Ummm Sounds good. I love simple fare from the garden with a little evoo. Another is just cucumbers & onion slices in vinegar.

Grace said...

WOW...this relish recipe looks so yummy! Wonder if I can find green tomatos out here???

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