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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A fun Sunday with Mr. Pear (oops, I mean "Mr. P")......

or where was this photo taken?

Right in front of a drive-in movie theater on Route 66!

Mr. P has been wanting to visit "the mother road" for some time. So this Sunday, we invited my mother to come with us and we set out on a short road trip to nearby Joplin and Carthage Missouri.

What a treat after miles of interstate highway! The feel of autumn was in the air and the area, the leaves just beginning to turn!

A quiet stretch of road with a vine-covered barn.

An almost forgotten small town with a Victorian mansion.
AND...a wonderful middle American treat, buying a homemade chocolate cream pie at a small restaurant! We "needed" this pie as we have birthdays this week and no one had wanted to bake a cake!

The pie is going fast! It is a big hit!
Friend, Lizzzie is visiting and told us that her mother used to make her chocolate cream pie instead of cake for HER birthday!

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

My hubby just looked over my shoulder to see these pics of you and your hubby...and the wonderful photo of the Drive Inn! He stayed too long though....he saw that pie and said it was his favorite! heehee! I guess I'll have to get in the kitchen and bake! You are so photogenic, my friend! ♥

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